If you have a small business, chances are you have found yourself surrounded by supplies and equipment with nowhere to store it. You may have also found yourself struggling to keep up with rising demand for goods through shipping and distribution.

This is where warehouse storage comes in handy. Warehousing provides a central location for businesses to store products and a place to distribute from. It enables you to receive orders, store products, and distribute goods in a systematic way.

Advantages of Warehousing

There are many advantages of storing goods in a warehouse, all of which will keep your inventory organized and give you an edge over competitors. Some of the advantages include:

  • Receiving by warehouse personnel 
  • Security measures 
  • Storage for surplus product
  • Increased control over shipping and handling 
  • Lower costs and increase value for the business 
  • Provides increased capacity and efficiency 
  • Consolidates operations 

Benefits of Warehousing Partnership

When you work with warehouse experts, you form a partnership with many benefits. From insurance to inventory management and security, a warehouse partnership can give you everything you need.

24/7 Surveillance

Safety should be a priority at the warehouse you partner with. As a warehouse facility, we know how important it is for businesses to feel confident about the safety of their goods. Some of our safety and security measures we offer include: 

  • 24/7 camera surveillance 
  • Fenced area for high end items
  • Sprinkler and fire alarm system 
  • Controlled access 
  • Additional security protections 

​Flexible Warehouse Storage

Units should be protected with controlled and monitored access to ensure only those who need to be entering the premises are. However, this should not take away from convenient access whenever you need to visit the warehouse. This includes weekend, holiday, and after-hours access. 

Climate Control

With hot summers and cold winters, weather can be hard on stored items. Climate control combats this by providing the ideal environment for your inventory.

Our climate control items keep everything at precisely the right temperature. We even have wine storage units for that valuable wine collection! 

Packaging Services and Storage Containers

The facility should be equipped to assist with multiple business types and needs. We provide storage containers, wrapping, and palletizing to help make storage easy and convenient. 

Flexible Terms and Affordable Price

The warehouse should offer both affordable rates and flexible terms. Lease options should range from short term periods to years. You can find the terms that work with you while also sticking to a budget. Some of our units are as low as four dollars per day! 

Cross Docking and Freight Warehouse Distribution

The facility should do more than store goods – they should help move them too. By tapping into a storage and distribution system, your goods can be transported with storage containers, units, or pallets to partner railways, airports, and ocean freight carriers.

Cross-docking is another service where goods can be transported between trailers or for temporary storage before moving to the next trailer. This level of distribution expands the realm of possibilities for your business’s reach.

Need Warehousing That You Can Trust?

If you are looking to simplify and streamline warehousing and distribution, let Tower Moving help you. Speak with one of our warehouse storage experts today to see how you can expand your reach, streamline processes, and tap into the benefits of warehousing at our facility.