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Tower Moving provides the proper personalized relocating solutions to match your demands and budget, whether you’re moving across the block or province.

Affordable moving company in Toronto

We heard a rumor that somebody wants to move out and is searching for “residential movers near me”!

Oh, it’s true. You are!

Well, we are happy to say that you hit the jackpot!

Tower Moving’s mission as one of the best residential moving companies in Toronto is to do an excellent job for you. When we organize a move for you, we consider everything. We’ve been relocating individuals and families for a long time, so we understand how stressful a move can be for you, your loved ones, your children, and even your pets. Our service is unique as an affordable moving company in Toronto. We keep our prices competitive while providing five-star customer service. We have expanded our services as your trusted residential movers in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Affordable moving company in Toronto
Full-Service Residential Moving Company

Full-Service Residential Moving Company

Tower Moving is a trustworthy moving company that offers various levels of participation in your relocation. We can pack your belongings, transport them, and take them to your new location. We can also provide packing supplies to help you finish your self-packing.

Our professional team will place your home furnishings exactly where you want them in your new lovely home. We also offer these services if you don’t even want to think about packing, unpacking, disassembly, and reassembly.

When you move with us, you will be assigned a move coordinator who will act as your point of contact with the company. As the big day approaches, your move coordinator will ensure everything is in order and be available to answer any questions.

A residential move is one of the most common experiences that everyone goes through at least once in their lives. Even though there are numerous moving companies and resources to choose from, you can find one mover to meet your needs. That is Tower Moving!

Why choose Tower Moving?


Our team has years of experience handling all types of moves. Call us right now.


To receive a free moving estimate, simply fill out the quote form or give us a call. Guaranteed, there are no hidden costs!


We always strive to provide the best service to all of our customers, whether it is a local, long-distance, or business move.


For our clients' safety and peace of mind, Tower Moving is fully insured and registered.

Saving You Time, Money, And A Lot Of Stress!

Most people are terrified of the mess they will have when relocating their entire home. Moving from a condo, an apartment, or a four-bedroom house is always stressful. With all of the packaging and heavy lifting, it can be challenging. When the stress of organizing it is combined with the chaos of moving day and the screams of your children, you’ll wonder how you’ll get through it all. You will also need the necessary supplies and materials for lifting heavy objects and packing and moving delicate items.

Is it possible to relocate an entire house in Toronto? That will be a  very challenging task! Allow our expert movers to assist you! Tower Moving provides a residential moving quote in minutes and a moving team to plan and manage the entire transfer on your behalf. This will save you significant time, stress, and money! Doing everything yourself usually requires more experience and hard work than most people think. As a result, it’s essential to understand that you can contact our residential movers if you require assistance. If you are in this situation, please know that we are one of the most trustable residential moving companies for you. Hire us!! :)

Best Residential Movers In The Area!

We are confident that you require the services of the best residential movers in the area. In this case, you should look into their track record. You can quickly check tour Google ratings and read real customer reviews about our job performance, job types, and the fees we charge.

As highly dependable residential house movers, our movers ensure that you find all of these tasks easy to handle and that you do not have to experience unnecessary stress.

Our professionals can also come to your home and provide an in-home estimate. This should also make things easier for you to analyze and improve transparency for your convenience.

Please see the list below to learn more about packing, storage, and other house moving services.

  • Residential Moving
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Home delivery
  • Overnight storage
  • Deliveries of specific items like antiques and pianos
  • Crating services
  • Packing Material
  • Pick-ups
  • Same day moves
  • Moving Checklist

Contact us right away, and we can all work together to make your moving day go as smoothly as possible with our efficient residential moving team. Our moving company ensures that customers do not have to touch anything during the moving process.

We will handle every detail, including packing, loading, unloading, and arranging your items in the best possible locations if desired.

Our team arrives prepared with all the necessary supplies and equipment designed to prevent damage to your packed and moved items.