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We are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands from the moment we will show up at your door.

High-quality Moving services

Finding the best long-distance moving company in Toronto can be difficult in a short time, and so many factors to consider. This is where Tower Moving shows up. Allow us to relieve the stress of your upcoming move! 

We offer high-quality services to our clients throughout Toronto. We’re talking about services that are adaptable and dependable at a variety of price points.

If you decide to hire us, you will receive our range of services at a reasonable price, and we are available seven days a week!

Our primary goal is to ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied with what we will offer. As a result, we cover all of the bases and take the necessary steps to make the entire relocation process as simple as possible for you.

Long Distance Moving
Full-Service Long Distance Moving Company

Full-Service Long Distance Moving Company

A good cross-country company is critical, especially when transporting your belongings across a large country like Canada. Hiring one of the most trustable full-service long-distance moving companies, Tower Moving, will eliminate your headache and meet all your transportation requirements in one location. Once you’ve hired us for your long-distance move, our crews will be entirely available for you for any questions or concerns you may have about your move.

We are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands from the moment we will show up at your door. Your items’ safety will never be jeopardized, and we will always do everything possible to keep your items unscratched during the relocation process. Feel free to concentrate on other aspects of your move while we handle the heavy lifting. Our long-distance movers are experienced and can handle even last-minute moves. They are highly trained individuals who will give you complete peace of mind while doing your hard work. We guarantee that the experts we send to you will:

  • Take good care of your belongings.
  • Arrive on time and on the correct date.
  • Maintain the agreed-upon budget.
  • Use upfront pricing with no surprises.
  • Show you courtesy and respect

Why choose Tower Moving?


Our team has years of experience handling all types of moves. Call us right now.


To receive a free moving estimate, simply fill out the quote form or give us a call. Guaranteed, there are no hidden costs!


We always strive to provide the best service to all of our customers, whether it is a local, long-distance, or business move.


For our clients' safety and peace of mind, Tower Moving is fully insured and registered.

Long Distance Moving Services You Deserve

Going from one city to another is difficult enough without having to add the mess before organizing it!

You didn’t have any luck searching “long-distance movers near me?” 

Well, Tower Moving is a Toronto company with a long history of skillfully assisting clients in relocating to other provinces. So you found what you were looking for.  We also have a talented team able to quickly and efficiently manage relocations in Toronto and from all surrounding areas to other continents. 

Because of our equipment and knowledge of handling everything from delicate antiques and priceless heirlooms to 8-person dining tables, we guarantee that your house will be stored and transported safely, arriving at your new place without a scratch. Our long-distance services in Toronto are intended to ease the stress of your move.

Best of all, our pickup and delivery times are guaranteed! Call us right away.

Best Long Distance Movers In The Area!

Tower Moving is a professional company that provides its Canadian clients with the best long-distance moving services. Our company has been a responsible, trustworthy provider of all needed services for many years. We take pride in our employees, knowing that each customer is treated as if they were family.

Our long-distance movers are supervised by a manager assigned to each client, so they won’t have any unnecessary confusion and ensure that each stage of the process is completed appropriately and quickly. You are welcome to contact the Manager anytime; our goal is to create a stress-free working environment for all partners by answering questions and finding solutions best suited to each situation. We handle every step of the moving process, including:

  • Consultation and detailed relocation planning;
  • On-the-spot planning, including deadlines;
  • Estimation of the total cost of the relocation;
  • Packaging materials (blankets, boxes, tape, stickers) are delivered ahead of time.
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly; professional packing, unpacking, and labeling; careful loading and unloading of property; specialized transportation of possessions to designated destination;
  • Installation of requested equipment;
  • Packaging materials disposal and removal

We ensure that our customer service, skilled movers, and licensed drivers work hard to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and safely so that you and your family can enjoy the move!