Renting a Storage Unit

If you are interested in services for Toronto moving and storage, be sure to choose a reputable company. While you might be tempted to go with cheap movers, you need to be careful. Sometimes, cheap equates to subpar services. When storing items, you want peace of mind. Fortunately, by researching several Canadian moving companies, you can identify the one that offers superior services at a competitive rate.

Things to Know

Following are some of the things that you should know before selecting a storage unit.

  • Equality – Although all storage facilities look similar, the quality of services varies. For instance, you will discover differences in security, temperature control, availability, cleanliness, and customer support. Therefore, you should physically visit at least three reputable storage facilities.
  • Security – Without question, security is one of the most critical of all criteria. Just because a facility has a tall fence and gates with padlocks does not mean it offers excellent security. Instead, you want to look for a storage facility with a key card entrance, surveillance, and preferably, 24-hour onsite personnel.
  • Discounts – While some facilities offer units at a low introductory rate, you need to be careful. Initially, you may pay less, but long-term, these facilities will gouge you. A better solution is to find a facility that has competitive prices from start to finish. Also, make sure that you get everything in writing.
  • Climate-Controlled – If you have wooden furniture, artwork, fabrics, and other things that could warp or mildew, make sure that you rent a climate-controlled unit. Not only will your possessions have protection from temperature and humidity, but also dust and critters.
  • Proper Planning Rather than take a guess on the size of unit you need, you want to determine the exact required space. To save money by renting a smaller unit, you can stack containers and boxes. You can also disassemble furniture or equipment, maintain a clear path for easy access, and always put the items that you might need at the front of the unit. When storing things like a refrigerator, stove, or dresser, you can use the open space for storing smaller items, inverting seats, and standing mattresses and sofas on end.

Considering everything mentioned, you will end up with a storage unit that accommodates your belongings. For the best local and long distance movers as well as storage units, you can always trust Tower Moving. You can learn more by visiting our website or calling us today.