An excellent way to get organized when moving is by using a checklist. Often, expert movers from a reputable Toronto moving and storage company will provide you with one. If not, you can find one online to ensure a smooth process. Not only will you feel less stressed, but you can also stop worrying about mistakenly overlooking something of importance.

Whether you’re hiring local or long distance movers, a checklist is a life-saver. As a bonus, the checklist will break things down based on the remaining time before you move. In other words, you will have a list of actions that start six to eight weeks out, going down to the day of the move. To better understand why you need a checklist, consider some of the items that you would check off once completed.

  • Go through your possessions, making piles of things that you can toss out, donate, recycle, and give away. The fewer belongings you have moved, the easier the process and the more affordable the charges.
  • Put in a change of address with the postal service, credit card companies, and so on.
  • Contact your utility companies to have the current services disconnected and new services started. Keep in mind that when moving to a different city, there is a good chance that different companies than those you use now will provide one or more of the utility services that you need at your new home.
  • Arrange a place for any pets or children to go on the day of the move. Not only will that make it easier for the movers to get items out of the house and loaded onto the truck, but it will also prevent accidents that could cause physical harm.
  • Put together an “overnight bag” containing important documents, medication, toiletries, snacks, bottled water, pet supplies, toys for the children, cell phone charger, and extra clothing. Also, you should take several blankets and pillows in your car. Just in case the movers get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, you will have what you need until they arrive.
  • Choose a moving company to get your possessions from point A to point B. Make sure that you research history, reputation, licensing, insurance, available services, and more so that you select the right movers.

Reputable Canadian moving companies go out of their way to streamline the moving process. You can ask all the questions you want, and in return, you’ll receive an abundance of information that will give you confidence in your decision. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it is imperative to hire the right company and utilize a checklist.