commercial movers toronto

Before hiring someone to help with your move, identify three to four strong candidates. You then need to ask each of the commercial movers in Toronto on your list seven specific questions. Based on the answers provided by the Toronto office movers, you will feel confident in making your final decision. When it comes to moving, there are two things worth noting. First, because office movers in Mississauga can say anything, it is up to you to uncover the facts. Second, there are fundamental differences between residential and commercial moving services.

  1. What qualifications does your moving staff bring to the table? – In some instances, seasonal or untrained workers perform commercial moving services. Without the necessary experience and expertise, there is an increased risk of damage to your goods. You want to hire a company with a professional front office staff and a moving crew that consists of actual company employees.
  2. Does your company offer an on-site estimate? – While new technology is great, some Toronto office movers have gone too far by automating everything, including estimates. No system or program will replace the value of having a company come to your business for a walkthrough.
  3. What type of equipment and supplies does your company use? – Few people who hire commercial movers think about the equipment or supplies used, although they should. The trucks, dollies, boxes, and packing supplies play a significant role in the handling of your business items.
  4. Are packing and unpacking services included in my quote? – For residential moves, these are add-on services. For commercial moves, they should be included in your quote.
  5. Are your loaders and unloaders properly trained? – Anyone can toss a box on a moving truck and then drop it off at the final destination, but for professional commercial moving, you expect the crew to have training as to the right way to load and unload.
  6. Is your moving crew certified? – While some uncertified movers do an excellent job, certification is a guarantee that the moving crew will provide the highest level of professionalism.
  7. What type of insurance does your moving company provide? – Instead of just liability insurance, you need full coverage. Although you might pay more, it is worth every cent should something be lost, damaged, or destroyed.

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