If you decide to pack everything yourself rather than use the assistance of professional office movers, you need to consider a few things. While there are some similarities between packing a home versus an office, it is usually more difficult to prepare a business for a move. Following are some helpful tips provided by Toronto office movers with years of experience to help streamline the packing process.

  • Eliminate Junk – Shred any documents past the required retention period or that you no longer use. If you have old furniture that needs replacing, you can either give it to a charitable organization or toss it. The goal is to eliminate as much “junk” as possible. Not only will that speed up the moving process; it could also save you money in the long run.
  • Quality Materials and Supplies – When using commercial movers in Toronto, the movers provide all the necessary materials and supplies. While you can purchase superior quality boxes, tape, and packing paper, most people collect what they need outside of grocery or retail stores. Just make sure you choose boxes without stains, rips, or tears. As for packing tape, it is worth investing in heavy-duty or commercial-grade tape to prevent the bottom of boxes from dropping out.
  • Overstuffed Boxes – Stuffing a lot into one box may seem like a good idea but you need to remember two things: First, you are not the one lifting the boxes onto the moving truck and then off again after arriving at your new office. Second, the more weight to a box the higher the risk of it ripping open and causing damage to your possessions. When packing boxes, place the heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top; however, never put too much weight in each box. Toronto office movers prefer to make a few extra trips over lifting one heavy box after another.
  • Labeling Boxes – One of the smartest things you can do when packing your office is to label every box. Instead of listing individual items inside, you can use a color-coded labeling system. For instance, use red stickers on boxes that go in your office at the new location, blue for the conference room, green for the break room, and so on.

Professional Packing Service Available
If you prefer someone else pack up your office, Tower Moving & Storage is an excellent choice. We specialize in commercial moves and would appreciate the opportunity to assist in moving your office from one address to the next.