Before moving your valuable belongings into a self storage unit or a mobile storage container, you will want to purchase a sturdy lock to protect against theft or vandalism. There are many different types of locks to choose from. Most storage facilities give you the option to purchase a lock from them or buy one on your own. While standard padlocks or combination padlocks are more affordable options, they can be easily broken or picked. Wondering which type of lock is best for your needs? Here are two varieties of secure locks to consider:

Closed-shackle padlocks
These look like your standard padlock, with one notable exception. The shackle (the U-shaped bar at the top of the lock) is particularly short and thick, and it’s protected by an outside casing. This makes it difficult for bolt-cutters to reach. If a padlock is your general preference, be sure to choose a closed-shackle model. Most brands retail for $10-$15.

Disc locks
Disc locks are the most popular self-storage locks, as they are resiliently strike-proof, drill-proof and pick-proof. They have a thickly built shackle that fits tightly around your storage unit door latch, making it difficult for anyone to jam bolt-cutters into the lock. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, disc locks feature a lock mechanism that includes anti-pick pins. Breaking these locks takes full-on electrical equipment, and a whole lot of time and effort. The average retail price for a disc lock is $50.

Though many consider disc locks the industry standard, they are incompatible with some storage unit door latches. Call your facility in advance to ask if you can use a disc lock. If you can’t, they will likely sell you an alternative lock.