Which of the following scenarios best describes you?

A.  You are the overambitious type who loves to plan, organize and create spreadsheets (your a pro at Excel).  Three weeks in advance of moving day, you are completely packed!

B.  It’s the night before the big move and oh my gosh, you still aren’t packed!  You begin frantically throwing stuff in boxes, dog toys and tax returns can go in a box together, right?

C.  Somewhere in between.

Whether you are Type A, Type B, or somewhere in between, everyone could use some pointers on labeling.

  • Names- Writing “Sarah’s Room” on a box may make perfect sense to your family, but if you are having others help you move, a more general “Girl’s Room” may be more appropriate.  Don’t even get us started on names like Taylor or Jordan.  We don’t want to guess your child is the opposite gender!  But what if you have 2 girls or 3 boys?  Read on to color coding.
  • Color Coding- Color coding boxes and rooms is a common suggestion.  If you have the time to plan this far in advance, this might be the right labeling system for you.  You can use colored markers or even colored tape.   Have you seen all the crazy Duck Tape prints? They have glow-in-the-dark, sports teams, mustaches, zebra stripes, but no cow spots (we checked).  You could even tape a colored note card on to each box and a colored notecard onto the doorway of the corresponding room.  The general idea is that each room has a color and you label the box in that color.
  • Weight- This may not be something you think about right off the bat, but it can be very important.  Having a ton of writing all over the tops of your boxes may make it difficult to quickly scan the label and discern where it should go.  However, knowing whether a box is fragile or heavy can help both you and the movers stack and pack the boxes correctly and know whether to expect a heavy or light load.