Toronto Stress Free Movers

Emotional stress, mental stress, physical stress – you name it and that stress is a part of moving.It’s understandable, there are a lot of things going on and you may not have wanted to move in the first place. But stress is counter-productive when you’re trying to make a move.

Don’t let it get you down! Deal with it head on with these tried and true stress-free strategies

Mental Stress Relievers

Comic Relief

Blow off steam with a few laughs. Try a comedy, play, sitcom or stand-up show – whatever makes you bust a gut. In addition to the mental benefits of helping you cope with a difficult situation and nix stress, laughter also has physical benefits like muscle relaxation, pain relief and immune boosting capabilities.

Create Checklists

Keeping yourself organized with checklists will help you stay sane during a move. Create a schedule, get the harder stuff knocked out first, and end the day on a good note by reviewing the things you’ve gotten done. Additionally, studies have shown that marking things off of a to-do list releases endorphins.


It’s amazing what a five-minute mental break of just sitting in silence can do. Take some me-time each day to unwind and think of anything but the move. Give yourself the freedom to let your mind roam and leave thinking about your mental move list for other part of the day.

Physical Stress Relievers

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been a popular relaxation method for centuries. A massage will not only help you de-stress, it will also help you work out the kinks you’ve built up while packing. If you’re having aches and pains, opt for a sports or deep tissue massage.


You may be tired of lifting (heavy boxes that is) but working out is another proven way to release feel-good endorphins. Just 20 minutes of walking can make a difference.

Hire a Moving Company

Toronto moving companies can take a load off your hands, literally. You can rest easy knowing you’ll have experienced movers handling the heavy stuff, carrying boxes up and down stairs and loading everything into their truck. All of which saves you time and energy as well as decreasing your risk of physically straining yourself.

Emotional Stress Relievers

Pet Therapy

If you have a pet, spending some time with them can be an immediate relief for emotional stress. Some studies suggest they help you cope with stressful situations better than a spouse. Go for a walk, play around outdoors or have a pet session while relaxing on the couch. It’s important to remember that your pets feed off your energy and can get stressed out too. A little time together will help both of you deal with an emotional move.

Talk It Out

Keeping the stress to yourself will only make matters worse. If you’re feeling emotionally stressed out have a heart to heart with a friend, relative or your significant other. Talking to someone about your stress has been found to be one of the quickest stress relief strategies.

Keep Positive

Focusing on the positive will help keep you motivated to get your move done. Thinking positively also causes neuropeptides to release and combat stress.

Visualize things going positively, make positive statements rather than doubtful ones and write down your wins each day.