When the mercury soars on moving day, hot weather can ignite your stress levels. Whether you’re the one doing the heavy lifting or you are overseeing a team of friends or have hired Toronto movers, you will want to take extra precautions to avoid overexertion. Here are some guidelines to prevent heat-related injuries on moving day:
Stay hydrated. Have plenty of chilled fluids on hand for yourself and your moving crew. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks, as these can be dehydrating. Water and electrolyte replacement drinks are your best bet.

Have easy-to-grab snacks available. Even though the heat may decrease your appetite, you still need to replace the salts your body loses through sweat and exertion. Eat a salty snack when you take a break to drink.

Start early. If possible, start your move first thing in the morning so that you are not doing the most physical part of your move during peak heat (11 a.m-4 p.m.) If you are moving with a moving company, call in advance to see if your move can be changed to an earlier time.

Dress light and wear sunscreen. Wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing. Dark colors will attract heat. Sunburns will only make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable.

Wear comfortable shoes. Even though you may prefer to wear sandals or flip flops, sneakers or other comfortable shoes are a much safer choice on moving day.

Be careful with items that are sensitive to heat. Make sure electronics, computer equipment, artwork and any other items that can be damaged by heat are not left out for long periods in direct sunlight.

Keep children, pets and the elderly inside and cool.

Make sure the air conditioning and fans will be working in your new home.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion. These may include headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness or spasms, thirst, or fatigue, and lack of sweating. These symptoms can escalate into rapid heartbeat, vomiting, and changes in consciousness, high body temperature and drop in blood pressure. If yourself or anyone working with you on moving day experiences any of these symptoms, stop what you are doing, go inside, sip cold water and seek medical attention.

Have an extra outfit handy. Chances are you will be sweaty and fatigued from the heat once you arrive at your new home. Have a clean outfit, towel and toiletries packed with you so that you can easily take a well-deserved shower without rummaging through all of your boxes