Professional Movers in Toronto

When it comes to professional movers in Toronto, you want to hire the best. Although movers are part of the same Canadian moving systems, not all companies are equal in the type and caliber of services. If you plan to move clear across town or to a different city within the Greater Toronto Area, it is important to focus on long-distance moving companies. However, if you purchased a new living room set for your home, then you want to find a top-rated furniture delivery service in Toronto.

The bottom line is that no matter what your move consists of, you want and deserve the best help available. Following are a few things to consider to achieve that goal.

  • Walkthrough Estimate – When speaking to different moving companies, ask about a free walkthrough estimate. Usually, the top movers in Toronto will gladly send a representative to your home or business to conduct an assessment on the type and volume of goods involved at no charge if the square footage is more than 3,000. As part of this, the expert will make a list of the inventory, including items in the garage, outbuildings, sheds, bookcases, drawers, cabinets, and so on. If you speak to a moving company that does not offer a walkthrough estimate, consider it a red flag.
  • Large Deposit – Reputable moving companies will never ask you for a significant upfront deposit before transporting your goods. Although some movers require a small deposit, in reality, you should never pay a dime until the movers unload all of your belongings at your new residence. By paying a large deposit, you have zero control of where your belongings go or whether you will ever see them again.
  • Established Name – Dishonest companies often change their names to avoid assessment from the Better Business Bureau and other similar companies. A trusted Toronto moving company has an established name, brick-and-mortar address, proper licensing, and insurance coverage.
  • Add-On Services – The majority of movers in the Greater Toronto Area offer add-on services, like packing and unpacking, for an additional fee. However, as you conduct research on the various options, you will discover that the price for these services varies significantly. Top Toronto moving companies provide superior services at competitive rates. In fact, the best companies often have discounts and special packages to help reduce the overall expense of moving.

Tower Moving is a prime example of excellence when it comes to moving companies in Toronto. Our services are listed on our website. For one-on-one assistance, call us today.