If you choose to believe everything you hear about professional movers in Toronto, there is a good chance of hindering your move. The best movers in Toronto work hard to streamline the moving process so that as the customer, you have a positive experience. Unfortunately, people believe rumors that cause them to make wrong decisions such hiring an incompetent company, using inappropriate services, and paying more than they should.

Following are some of the rumors you want to ignore.

  • All Commercial Movers in Toronto Are the Same – No two moving companies are identical. While they might offer similar services and prices, once you start digging, you will discover notable differences. The goal is to find a moving company that has experience, expertise, highly trained teams, and proper licensing, bonding, insurance, and IOMI certification.
  • You Will Save Money Moving Yourself – That might sound good in theory, but you will spend less money by using the services of a reputable moving company. The expenses of a self-move add up fast, not to mention that you need to round up enough able bodies to help, which takes away from their valuable time. By hiring a professional moving company, experienced and skilled movers will get your possessions from one location on time and without any damage.
  • Any Boxes Will Do – Never use boxes from local stores or dumpsters. Commercial movers in Toronto use high-quality and heavy-duty corrugated boxes that will not fail. Because these boxes are strong and durable, the professional packers can put more in them without fear of the bottoms falling out and damaging items.
  • The Best Movers in Toronto Transport Everything – Movers can’t transport everything. If you believe this myth, you could miss the opportunity to move specific items using a different method. According to the law, moving companies cannot transport things such as flammables, explosives, chemicals, liquor, live plants, and perishable food. Always request a list of acceptable versus non-acceptable items from the company you hire.
  • You Have Full Insurance Protection – Even when hiring a reputable moving company, you only get basic liability, which costs you nothing. With that, protection only covers $0.60 per pound per item. That means if you have a 100-pound piece of furniture for which you paid $2,000, and it gets damaged, the company would only reimburse you $60. Instead, you want to opt for full replacement coverage and check with your insurance provider to see if you need extra protection.