packing boxes toronto

Have you ever wished that you could pack boxes like a professional mover? You can with this “Packing Boxes in Toronto” guide. If you want to save money or prefer handling your goods, the tips provided will show you exactly what to do.

Start by getting hold of high-quality moving boxes in Toronto or find well-made shipping boxes. You want boxes that are strong and sturdy, as well as void of any rips, tears, or stains. You also need to purchase the best moving supplies in Toronto that you can afford. Spending a little extra on quality packing material and tape is worth it to protect your goods.

  • Assign a unique color to boxes going to each room of your new home. In other words, place a piece of colored tape on the top of the boxes. The master bedroom might be blue, the kitchen green, the living room orange, and so on.
  • When cleaning out drawers, place smaller items in zippered plastic bags to keep everything together and make packing easier.
  • Take advantage of open space by packing items inside of empty suitcases, trash cans, laundry baskets, crockpots, and roaster pans, among other things.
  • For breakable plates and bowls, place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Then, set the plates vertically as opposed to horizontally. With the bottom row complete, add a thick layer of bubble wrap and a flat piece of cardboard on top. On that layer, add bowls wrapped in packing paper, followed by a top layer of bubble wrap.
  • To pack breakable glasses or cups, do the same as you would for plates and bowls with one additional step. Use a piece of flat cardboard with slits to separate each item.
  • For any delicate items, use quality packing paper, newspaper, paper towels, or linens to fill in any open spaces to prevent movement during transport.
  • Never overfill the moving boxes. You want the boxes light enough to carry to and from the truck while preventing the taped-up bottom from splitting open.
  • When packing items like shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products, cooking oil, and so on, either place them in separate plastic zippered bags or seal the lids and openings with tape to prevent leakage.

If preferred, our professional packing team would be happy to handle the job for you. At Tower Moving, we offer years of experience and expertise in residential and commercial moves. We invite you to visit our website or contact us by phone to speak with a company representative.