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Tower Moving provides the proper personalized relocating solutions to match your demands and budget, whether you’re moving across the block or province.

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If you are searching for a reliable and professional moving service in Oshawa, look no further. With over a decade in this business, our Oshawa Moving team has built a 5-star reputation with hundreds of positive web reviews. We strive to provide the highest level of prompt and professional services available in the industry.

Movers in Oshawa

​A Family Affair

Whether you are moving to Oshawa alone, as a couple, with children, or even with several pets, we understand that care and professionalism are required for the move. Since every move is unique, we never provide our customers with cookie-cutter solutions. At Tower Moving, we consider every aspect of the customer’s move so that we can devise a viable plan and prepare to have the right truck, equipment, and supplies ready.​
As kid- and pet-friendly Oshawa movers, not only do our experts handle your situation with care, but they also offer tips to make your move easier and stress-free. With years of industry experience, our employees at Tower Moving have experience in all types of moves, therefore, we offer you insights for each phase of the move. Ultimately, moving day becomes less stressful on the adults, children, and pets.

Top Commercial Services

Just as we provide services unique to our residential customers, we have a host of specialised services for businesses, regardless of the size or industry. Since, business owners have special moving needs, we tailor the appropriate services according to the requirements. Our staff is trained and equipped to work around your schedule and we are always upfront and transparent in our quotes.

If you are a business owner, we know that downtime can prove devastating. Without operational IT equipment, your employees cannot help customers, which causes frustration and affects your bottom line. For that reason, we send in a specialized team of movers who will disconnect the equipment, get it located quickly, and have it operational in little time.

Overcoming Challenges

At Tower Moving, we also deal with various challenges associated with some moves. When moving to a home or business on a narrow street, no problem. If moving to a building with a lot of stairs or tight elevators, no problem. If your move involves a congested part of town with little street parking, again, no problem. As part of our service, before your scheduled move, one of our team members will chart the best route, thereby ensuring a smooth event. Instead of you worrying about things, leave the details to us.

So if you are located in Oshawa or the surrounding areas. Tower Moving is ready to help.

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