Small Movers in Toronto

Often, people avoid hiring small movers in Toronto, believing these companies do not possess enough experience or expertise to get the job done correctly. In reality, many small companies and single item movers are just as qualified as their big competitors. However, without backing by a known brand name, there are a few things that you should avoid when hiring these moving companies in Mississauga.

  • Waiting Too Long to Schedule – When hiring small or single item movers in Toronto, the most popular companies get busy quickly. Therefore, if you want to schedule your move with a reputable company, make sure that you provide plenty of notice. Typically, two months out from your move date will suffice.
  • Paying Too Little – The good news is that by hiring a trusted source for your move, you will save a significant amount of money compared to using a large company. However, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” which applies in this situation. If you are too much of a cheapskate, your only options will be cheap Toronto movers, not only in price but also in the quality of service provided.
  • Inadequate Questions – When hiring a moving company, it is imperative that you ask a lot of questions about its history, services, prices, guarantees, insurance, licensing, and so on. By failing to ask enough questions, you could find yourself in a mess. Small moving companies in Mississauga with good reputations expect customers to ask questions. In fact, they encourage it.
  • Paying a Deposit – The best companies in the moving industry, regardless of size, will never request that you pay a deposit in exchange for its services. If you find a mover that you like, but the representative insists that you make a deposit, consider that a red flag.
  • Getting Duped by a Fake – Without question, the worst mistake that you can make is hiring a fake company. Unfortunately, with a little bit of advertising and incredible claims, getting duped is easier than you might think. For that reason, you need to ask a lot of questions, read customer reviews, check online resources for open or excessive complaints, and more. Also, never hire a company without getting a verifiable brick-and-mortar address. Genuine moving companies that have professional and dedicated moving teams will gladly send someone to your home or business to assess the type and volume of goods involved, followed by providing you with an estimate.

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