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The great thing about working with experienced commercial movers in Toronto is that the entire staff will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. In addition to a host of services such as vehicle transport, packing and unpacking, furniture installation, IT server disconnect and reconnect, and more, there are a few things prohibited. 

Professional movers in Toronto follow strict laws, which means they cannot transport everything. Once you select the right company among many long-distance moving companies serving customers in the Greater Toronto Area, a representative will supply you with a list of banned items. However, you can get ahead of the game by using the information provided. That way, you can start to find alternative solutions if you need any of these things moved.

  • Perishables – As a rule, commercial movers in Toronto cannot transport anything perishable, including plants, refrigerated or frozen foods, product, and food containers, whether half-used or opened. Keep in mind that the mover you hire may have exceptions to this rule. For instance, if your move is no more than 150 kilometres away and the driver can deliver perishables within 24-hours after loading, void of any in-transit servicing, then this may be an option. If your business deals with perishables, make sure the movers can accommodate your special needs.
  • Potential Explosives – Movers also ban firearms, matches, ammunition, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, charged scuba tanks, fireworks, aerosol cans, fuel, oil, chemistry sets, and other similar items. Anything that could explode will not be allowed into a moving truck.
  • Toxins – There is also a relatively long list of toxic items that commercial movers in Toronto will not transport. Some examples of these include liquid bleach, paint and paint thinner, pesticides, ammonia, weed killer, pool chemicals, poisons, and even cleaning solvents.
  • Miscellaneous – On the miscellaneous list are additional items like car batteries, rubbing alcohol, standard batteries, charcoal, and more.

The goal of both local and long-distance moving companies in Toronto with a reputation for excellence is to deliver your goods in the same condition when packed. At the same time, they must take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their teams. Again, once you select the right mover for your specific needs, a representative should provide you with a brochure or list of items that it cannot deliver. If not, request one.

If you have items in your business that fall on these lists, you may need to dispose of them safely and then purchase new ones after arriving at your new location. While you might be tempted to load up company vehicles to transport certain banned items, remember that caustic chemicals can emit dangerous fumes.

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