Wall mounting your flat screen TV is a little daunting especially if you are not skilled at it. There are tons of brackets, screws, and the instructions are hard to understand, and you keep flipping back and forth between the different languages because they all seem the same. When wall mounting your flat screen, you need to make sure you have the correct size bracket and proper anchoring screws to hold the size and weight of your flat screen.  The removal of the base, if it is attached to the television is a little tricky as well. Some bases are screwed on while others simply pull off, so make sure there are no screws before you start pulling on it. 
Steps for Wall Mounting Your Flat Screen
These steps may seem straight forward and easy, but if not done properly you are going to run into major problems. You have to lay the TV flat on a soft, flat and padded surface being careful not to break the glass and plastic surrounding it. Keep in mind that most manufacturers of the plasma flat screen varieties recommend not laying it glass side down.
1. Mount Brackets to Your TV
Look for the four holes on the back, which may have screws in them, this is where you will mount your bracket. The two small brackets of your mount will attach to your TV. Use your mounting instructions to align your brackets and mount them to your TV, making sure that they are facing the correct way before screwing them on. Utilize a screwdriver to tighten all the screws down with no wiggle room and use washers if needed to get the tightest fit.
2. Wall Mount Bracket
To mount the wall bracket, you need to find the stud in the wall where you are placing the TV. When wall mounting a flat screen, you need to make sure it is securely screwed into a stud or your TV will end up on the floor in pieces. Using a level, mark the center of the stud for the two screw holes for the bracket and take your time with this. Make sure it is even and level before mounting the wall bracket, you want it centered and to be visually appealing. Drill pilot holes for each mark and make sure that the drill bit size is smaller than the size screw you are going to be using. Line up the bracket holes with the pilot holes and screw it onto the wall snugly. You may need the assistance of another person to hold the bracket while you screw them in.
3. Last Piece of the Wall Mounting Puzzle
Pick up your TV and place the bracket on the back into the wall mounted bracket and there you have it. You have wall mounted your flat screen. If you need to mount your flat screens to a wall because you are sick of it being too low placed on a TV stand or are moving to say Toronto and have a need for wall mounting a flat screen then these steps should help you walk through the process. If you want to let the pros handle it Tower Moving is proud to provide this service the same day of your move.