​Moving homes is stressful. This is why so many people now hire moving companies to help them. Hiring quality movers is not cheap, and the idea of tipping can be a worrying one.  Just how much should you tip Toronto movers, for example? Here is a quick guide to help.
Consider the Difficulty of the Move
Were there any extra problems associated with the move? Maybe you have to ask the movers to wait while you got some keys or fixed a problem with a specific room. You may not have had all the boxes you needed before the Toronto movers turned up. Problems on the road may have made the journey longer or harder to deal with.

Consider the Number of Movers

You’ll get quotes from moving companies based on the distance you have to travel and the number of individuals needed to come to your home. If you only have a small number of movers, you could probably keep your tip down, as there won’t be that many people who helped. When you have a larger move, you may have five or six movers and that will mean more.

​Tipping With Food and Drink

There are some who will tip through food and drink instead. Tipping with beer is stereotypical and can cause problems. The best movers in Toronto aren’t allowed to drink on the job as it is against company policy.
You don’t have to tip movers, but it is a way to show your appreciation for taking care of your belongings. Think about the pressure of the move, number of movers, was their stairs involved or any extremely heavy furniture in conjunction with the percentage of moving costs. Industry standard is anywhere from 10%-20%.