Downsizing to Condo

Downsizing is a scary thought to many people. In addition to leaving a house where you raised your kids, you need to figure out a way to ensure a smooth transition. Instead of seeing this as something negative, use it as an opportunity to start over in life. In place of old furniture, hire a moving company that offers furniture delivery in Toronto. With the kids gone, you can choose pieces more in line with your personality and character opposed to “functional” furniture.

With a team of professional furniture movers in Toronto, you can choose to have some items delivered to your new home and others placed in storage. If you have furniture in good condition but do not plan to use it, the movers can take it to their clean and secure storage facility. When the time is right, you can hand the furniture down to family, recycle, or donate to a charitable organization.

The great thing about using a professional moving company when downsizing is that a team of experts handles all the hard work on your behalf. For instance, after taking furniture apart at your current address, they offer furniture assembly in Toronto at your new home. When you hire a full-service company, its team does it all.

Additional Services
Along with working as professional furniture movers in Toronto, a reputable moving company can help you with packing and unpacking, vehicle transport, electronic disconnect and reconnect, and a host of other things. With years of experience, professional movers understand the challenges of downsizing and, in response, they provide a broad range of standard and customized solutions.

In fact, some moving companies will even help with recycling unwanted or unused items. Using one of the trucks from their fleet, the movers will load televisions, appliances, building materials, clothing items, and more and then take everything to a certified recycling center. You feel great about making an eco-friendly decision and find you have far more time to focus on other aspects of your move.

Roughly two to three months before moving, you need to hire a top-rated moving company. A specialist can help you with planning and organization. Especially when downsizing, it is often difficult for homeowners to make decisions as most everything has sentimental value. The role of the person from the moving company is to help you identify items of real value versus those just taking up space.

Superior Moving
If you need help with moving as part of downsizing from your current living conditions, please contact us at Tower Moving & Storage. We will gladly help you with each step of the journey, making it as stress-free as possible.