Unfortunately the home you move into isn’t always in the same state as the one you just left. In other words, here at Tower Moving Toronto we’ve seen examples of folks we’ve just moved having to go in and give a good and thorough clean to their new place. And the room which tends to need the most time spent on cleaning it is, of course, the kitchen.
Tower Moving Toronto offers house cleaning as a First Class Premium Service, in the event you choose to clean yourself we’ve listed some quick and clever cleaning tips to make sure you get that kitchen spick and span as soon as you possibly can:

  1. Getting rid of dust. Do yourself a favor and forget about a damp cloth – simply use the vacuum instead. It’s much quicker and requires less effort.
  2. Cleaning the fridge. Hopefully the previous incumbents have at least cleaned the fridge of any food! To get rid of stains simply mix together a paste of baking soda and water then rub onto the offending area. Wipe clean with a warm cloth. If it’s just a general clean that’s needed then a mix of vinegar and hot water will often do the trick. It’s important to clean behind the fridge ie the coils since keeping these dust-free will mean your fridge will actually work more efficiently.
  3. Fixing up the microwave. Another appliance that could potentially be left with food debris. To soften leftover foods simply place a glass of water inside and microwave for a minute.
  4. Washing the windows. You can use the vacuum cleaner here for the window sills then use vinegar and newspaper to wash the glass.
  5. Rinsing out the dishwasher. Smells in the dishwasher can be tackled by simply rinsing it with a spot of vinegar. Placing half a lemon on the top shelf can give it a nice fresh aroma.
  6. Making worktops shiny and clean. A lemon rubbed on them can also be used to clean the stains off countertops and kitchen islands since the acid will break down any food bacteria. Don’t have a lemon to hand? Then use a solution of vinegar and hot water.
  7. Getting that oven pristine. We’ve left this one ‘til last because it’s often everyone’s least favorite kitchen cleaning routine. However, whether it’s the oven in your current home you need to clean or the one you’ve just moved into, it’s a job that, unfortunately, simply has to be tackled. So what’s the best way to go about it?
  • Well, if you’re lucky enough to have one of those continual-cleaning ovens then spray a special oven-cleaner inside and, using a nylon pad, simply scrub away until you feel you’re covered every corner and surface. Leave for an hour or two then rinse with a warm cloth. Put the oven on high for a couple of hours and you’re done!
  • Regular ovens can be tackled using a good quality cleaning spray and a warm cloth and lots of elbow action. Get rid of the chemicals from the cleaning spray by wiping over with a cloth dipped in distilled vinegar and water.
  • self-cleaning oven more or less does just that – cleans itself. It will leave some ash in the bottom after its cleaned and which you can simply wipe away.

We hope you found the above tips helpful and maybe even learned something new from them. Certainly most homes you move into will have a clean oven and other appliances but you know how it is – sometimes you just have to give them a good old clean yourself (just to be sure!).