Today, fake news seems to be a hot topic, not only for the political arena but also regarding small movers in Toronto. The problem pertaining to Toronto movers, especially those operating on a smaller scale, is that some of the information circulated sounds so real that for many people, distinguishing truth from myths is hard to do. Then when you consider that myths are spread by multiple resources, discerning the truth becomes even more challenging.

Following are five myths that have caused the most concern and confusion for single item movers in Toronto, as well as people interested in hiring them.

Five Unfortunate Myths about Toronto Movers

  1. Small Moving Companies are Not as Good as Large Companies – In truth, there are many scenarios in which a smaller company is better than a national brand. Just because a company is small does not mean it is incapable of providing outstanding services.
  2. Small Furniture Movers in Toronto are Not Licensed – This is yet another ridiculous myth. Regardless of the company’s size, licensing is required for certain situations. For example, movers in Ontario must have a CVOR number and insurance whether small or large.
  3. Smaller Moving Companies are Limited to Local Moves – Although some smaller Toronto movers may prefer to stick to local customers, many of them offer all of the same services as a large company, including local and long-distance moves.
  4. Small-Scale Moving Companies Damage More Goods – The size of the moving company has nothing to do with the number of incidents in which goods are damaged. Instead, this is based solely on the quality of the movers. By hiring a reputable company, there is no actual risk of something going wrong.
  5. The Trucks that Small Moving Companies Use are Old and Rickety – Small and large companies alike use the best equipment possible. Sure, a company that is just getting started may opt to purchase a used a truck but that does not automatically mean the vehicle is inadequate for moving goods.

Sadly, too many people believe what they hear and read when it comes to furniture movers in Toronto. You can hire a smaller moving company in Toronto and actually get better service than if you hired a national company. At Tower Moving, we take immense pride in offering our customers with exemplary services. We stand behind every move we do and have an amazing crew of professionals who are 100 percent dedicated to their job.