There is an actual art to packing boxes. Obviously, you never want to throw things in a box without having a strategic plan. Whether you do your own packing or hire a professional moving company to handle packing boxes in Toronto to help you move, there are specific rules to follow.

  1. Avoid Using Cheap Moving Boxes for Toronto Moves – While you can get boxes from your local grocery store or dumpster dive for boxes at retail shops, make sure they are high quality. All too often, cheap boxes have rips, tears, stains, and other issues that make them unacceptable for use. A better option is to rent or purchase shipping boxes from a Toronto moving company.
  2. Room-by-Room Packing – To make unpacking on the other end easier, pack items by room. In other words, do not mix kitchen utensils with bathroom toiletries.
  3. Give each Box a Specific Number – Whether using quality reusable moving boxes for your Toronto move or those that are purchased, use a black permanent marker to give each one an identifying number, starting with the number one.
  4. Make a List –With the boxes numbered, make a list of the contents inside of each.
  5. Take Advantage of Labels – For boxes that contain more delicate items, place a “fragile” label on both the top and bottom. That way, the professional movers will be even more careful when handling those specific boxes.
  6. Do Not Overload Boxes – Instead of cramming in as much as you can into each box, the goal is to keep the boxes relative lightweight. Not only does this prevent risk of the boxes coming open on the bottom, it makes lifting easier.
  7. Fill Voids – After packing the shipping boxes for your Toronto move, use wadded up newspaper, linens, or packing paper to fill any voids. This will prevent the items from shifting during the move.
  8. Use Strong Packing Tape – To ensure the boxes are securely closed, always use high quality packing tape.
  9. Separate Boxes – For any boxes that contain valuables such as jewelry, family heirlooms, and so on, set those aside if preferred, taking them in your own private vehicle.
  10. Relax – When hiring a professional moving company, you can opt for a full-service package whereby all of the packing is done by professionals. As a result, you have time to take a much-needed break.

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